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Amy Sirignano, JD, MFS has over 15 + years of experience in the federal and state justice systems both as a prosecutor, a criminal defense attorney, and a civil litigator. Ms. Sirignano’s education, training, and professional experiences as a forensic scientist and Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation have allowed her to specialize in complex federal criminal defense and civil litigation issues involving:

  • White Collar crime and financial crimes
  • Terrorism and National Security matters

Ms. Sirignano’s legal expertise also extends to the areas of:

  • Representation before the Grand Jury
  • Criminal and civil asset forfeiture and seizures
  • State and federal criminal defense for violent crimes and general crimes
  • Narcotics cases involving wiretaps
  • Commercial litigation
  • Intellectual property law and brand protection
  • International law
  • Civil rights violations
  • Appellate work

Ms. Sirignano carefully selects the cases she will accept so that she can give each case and client the attention they deserve. She and her staff are experienced in the extensive research required during the discovery process, pre-trial, and trial preparation of complex state and federal investigations, which has resulted in successful outcomes for her clients.

Because of her diverse legal, investigative and compliance background in the public, private, government, and corporate sectors, Ms. Sirignano
also offers forensic science and financial crimes compliance consulting services for corporations and individual clients.  She can also serve as an expert witness
in federal, state, and local courts.

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